Three in a row All Ireland Champions

By Naomh Pádraig Céilí Band

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  1. The Flagstone Of Memories
    The Reel Of Bogey
    Boil The Breakfast Early
  2. Darby The Driver
    The Pipe On The Hob
    The Maid On The Green
  3. The Pigeon On The Gate
    Tilly Finn’s
    The Mossy Banks
  4. The Blackbird
    The Smell Of The Bog
  5. The Green Fields Of Rossbeigh
    Toss The Feathers
  6. Little Boy Ted In The Hay
    Gerry’s Beaver Hat
  7. Battle Of Geashill
  8. Launching The Boat
    The Rainy Day
    The Devils Of Dublin
  9. The One That Was Lost
    The Wandering Minstrel
  10. The Humours Of Tullycryan
    The Cuckoo’s Nest
  11. The Kilmaley
    Fred Finn’s
    Maude Miller
  12. Lord Mayo
    O’Donahoe’s Grand March
  13. Tandragee
    The Lark On The Strand
    The Spotted Dog
  14. Down The Broom
    John Brennan’s
    The Dublin Porter
  15. I gCuimhne Fhélim
  16. The Fox On The Prowl
    The Whin Bush

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Re: Three in a row All Ireland Champions

Links to these tunes In Alan Ng’s site:
1.1 Flagstone of memories (Vincent Broderick) see also
1.2 Reel of Bogey (Traditional) see also
1.3 Boil the breakfast early, aka. Court her along the road; The wild Irishman; The blue breeks (Traditional) see also
2.1 Darby the driver (Traditional) see also
2.2 Pipe on the hob (Traditional) see also
2.3 Maid on the green (Traditional) see also
3.1 Pigeon on the gate (Traditional) see also
3.2 Tilly Finn’s reel (Traditional) see also
3.3 Mossy banks (Traditional) see also
4.1 The blackbird (Traditional) see also
4.2 The smell of the bog (Traditional) see also
5.1 Green fields of Rossbeigh (Traditional) see also
5.2 Toss the feathers (Traditional) see also
6.1 Little boy Ted in the hay, aka. Sweet Biddy Daly (Traditional) see also
6.2 Gerry’s beaver hat (Traditional) see also
6.3 Conlon’s jig, aka. Clancy’s jig (Traditional) see also
7 Battle of Geashill (John Brady)
8.1 Launching the boat (Francie Dearg O’Beirne) see also
8.2 The rainy day (Traditional) see also
8.3 Devils of Dublin (Traditional) see also
9.1 One that was lost (Paddy O’Brien The Elder) see also
9.2 Wandering minstrel (Traditional) see also
10.1 Humours of Tullycryan (Traditional) see also
10.2 Cuckoo’s nest (Traditional) see also
11.1 Kilmaley, aka. Glen Allen (Traditional) see also
11.2 Fred Finn’s reel (Traditional) see also
11.3 Maude Miller (Traditional) see also
12.1 Lord Mayo (Thady Keenan) see also
12.2 O’Donahoe’s grand march, aka. Cry of the eagle (Traditional) see also
13.1 Tandragee (Traditional) see also
13.2 Lark on the strand (Traditional) see also
13.3 Spotted dog (John McEvoy) see also
14.1 Down the broom, aka. The broomstick (Traditional) see also
14.2 John Brennan’s reel (Traditional) see also
14.3 Dublin porter (Traditional) see also
15 I gCuimhne Fhélim (John Brady)
16.1 Fox on the prowl (Vincent Broderick) see also
16.2 Whin bush, aka. Longford tinker (Traditional) see also