’live And Well

By Tony O’Connell

  1. Sunny Hills Of Beara
    Fox In The Thatch
  2. The Loughs Of Cavan
    Temple Hill
    Old Butter Road
  3. Angus Chisholm’s No. 2
    South Of The Grampians 
  4. Johnny Mickey Barry’s
    Tom Billy’s
    Rubber Band
  5. Cailín Na Gruaige Doinne
  6. Cronan’s
  7. Gold Ring
    Trip To The Quarry
    Charlie Mulvihill’s
  8. Drunken Gauger 
  9. Bessie, You’re The Beauty Of Rossinure Hill 
  10. The Weaver
    Greta’s Favourite
  11. Kimmel’s
    Tommy Mulhaire’s
    The Green Fields Of Woodford
  12. Gneeveguilla
  13. Carraigín Ruadh
    Patsy Touhey’s
    Stony Steps

Two comments

Re: ’live And Well

Tony O’Connell: concertina
Bríd harper: fiddle
Arty McGlynn: guitar
Cyril O‘Donoghue: Bouzouki
Trevor Hutchinson: double bass