Mosquito Hunter

By Swåp

  1. Fiskmås
  2. This Is My Pen
  3. Ms Dk
  4. Creme Fraiche
  5. Staffansvisa Fran Leksand
    Only Viveka
  6. Mosquito Hunter
  7. I’m Not Fed-Up With The Pacific Ocean
  8. Anton
  9. Kesh
    The Baroon
    The Meersbrook
  10. The Dusty Miller
    3 Ravens
  11. Master Crowley’s
    A Packet A Year
  12. Old Hales

Two comments

Re: Mosquito Hunter

Swåp are an Anglo-Swedish band that produce a musical fusion of traditional nordic music and celtic music.
Swåp was formed in 1995 by Karen Tweed (piano accordion), Ian Carr (guitar) (both UK), Ola Bäckström (fiddle, viola d’amore) and Carina Normansson (fiddle, vocals) (both Sweden). Together they have made four albums exploring a fusion of many different genres of folk music, including traditional Swedish music, English music, and the music of Brittany and Ireland. Karen Tweed left the band in 2007.
The track that gives the album its name - Mosquito Hunter:


Re: Mosquito Hunter

Sounds decent. A bit like vasen.