Live At The Druid

By Various Artists

Added by Jeremy .

  1. The Blackberry Blossom
    Farewell To Connaught
  2. Joe Derrane’s
    Killarney Boys Of Pleasure
    The Boogie
  3. Dancing Eyes
    Fly In The Porter
  4. My Own Dear Galway Bay
  5. Tar Road To Sligo
    My Mind Will Never Be Easy
  6. Galway Bay
    The Harp & Shamrock
  7. The New Policeman
    The Drunken Landlady
    The Road To Garrison
  8. When You Were Sweet Sixteen
  9. The Girl That Broke My Heart
    The Cedars Of Lebanon
  10. Sergeant Early’s
    Sean McGlynn’s
    My First Night In America
  11. Red Tom Of The Hill
    Eleanor Kane’s
    The Morning Star
  12. Port Shean tSeáin
    The Girl From The Big House
    Stan Chapman’s
  13. Blue Green Bangle
  14. Darby The Driver
    Dooney Rock
    The Humors Of Ballingarry
  15. The Bag Of Spuds
    Boy On The Hilltop
    John Henry’s
  16. An Rógaire Dubh
    Paddy Taylor’s
  17. Mulvihill’s
    The Coalminer’s
    The Abbey
  18. Magic Nights In The Lobby Bar
  19. The Concertina
    Ah Surely!