Druid Dance

By Jules Bitter

  1. The Birds Of Rhiannon
  2. The Friendly Visit
    The Flowing Tide
    Rodney’s Glory
    The Hunters Purse
  3. Longing For Wales
  4. Flores Et Mais Flores
    Lots Of Pots
  5. A Bardic Lament
    As Through The Woods I Roamed
    The Battle Of Aughrim
  6. Mr O’Connor
  7. O’Connell’s Farewell To Dublin
    The Road To Dublin
    The Dublin
  8. Silent Oh Moyle
    A Tribute To Turlough
    Grace Nugent
  9. Rakish Paddy
  10. Chalice Well
  11. Roisin Dubh
  12. Mulqueeny’s
  13. Eisteddfod
    Druid Dance

One comment

Re: Druid Dance

In this, "bardic experience of music, poetry and dance", Jules created and arranged a breath taking musical journey and timeless experience, that brings you in contact with the spirit of the celtic music.

Advise : visit Jules website http://www.whistle-flute.com for high (cd) quality demo-mp3’s and more interesting info about this and other cd’s he made, and about Whistle Basics : a complete audio-visual tin whistle method he made recently.

Jules Bitter is a well known and respected musician (whistle/flute/bodhrán) and has a teaching practise for whistle and concert flute in the Netherlands: www.fluitpraxis.com His unique and sensitive way of playing whistle and flute can be heard on his CDs: ‘Druid Dance‘, ‘Nehalennia Suite’ and ‘The Hill of Women’. About 1980 he started to play as a street musician in Antwerp (Belgium) and there he played at late night pubsessions with musicians that also made a career in Irish music : Thomas Keenan, brother of piper Paddy Keenan, Kieran Fahey and Helen Flaherty (Shantalla) Rudi Velghe and Gerard Hirsch (Orion) and Philip Masure (Comas).As a studio- and guest musician, he has contributed to several other CD productions and many concerts, and he’s ‘gigged’ with befriended musicians (‘Finglas’) until 2008. He has visited Ireland many years, and both his contribution to ‘Irish Trad’ and his affiliation with Irish music and Celtic culture is much appreciated there. Since 1983 he’s been involved in the Antwerp music scene as participant and initiator of Irish sessions; and for 5 years, he was a whistle tutor for the Dutch Foundation of Folk music (SVN).