Pure Wreckin’ Match

By Sásta

  1. The Humours Of Trim
    Greig’s Pipes
    The Red Haired Lass
  2. Galway To Graceland
  3. Brush The Donkey’s Teeth
    Seanamhac Tube Station
    Tom Billy’s
  4. The Donegal Lass
    Never Trust A
    The Primrose Lasses
  5. Skies O’er Ballyroan
  6. Curley Hill
  7. Lowlands Of Holland
  8. The Hole In The Hedge
    Drummond Castle
    The Mouse In The Kitchen
  9. Johnny Don’t Go
  10. O’Hagan’s Set

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Re: Pure Wreckin’ Match

Sasta are another group playing at the National Celtic Festival in Portarlington, Australia.