Music in the Glen

By Brendan Mulholland, Conor Lamb & Deirdre Galway

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Re: Music in the glen

Some remarks about unlinked titles, and ones with surprise links. A number of these are by credited composers; others are odd arrangements, or better known by other titles.

1.2 Aisling’s wedding (John Mackel)
1.4 Mrs Crehan’s reel, aka. The Ballymahon reel
2 The wounded Hussar (Traditional) arranged as a waltz.
3.1 The whistling thief (Traditional) arr. as a slide
3.2 The Gullane slide, aka. Gollán (Traditional) ripper of a slide apparently not already in The Session. Check
3.3 The Bawnard slide (Bill Black)
4.1 Friend or foe (Brendan Mulholland)
4.2 May Day shores (Conor Lamb)
5.3 Charlie Harris’s reel, aka. John Blessings’ (Traditional)
6 Lament for Limerick, aka. Marbhna Luimni (Traditional)
7.1 The sister jig (Traditional) not traced in The Session
8.1 The Kelp Store (Patrick Davey)
8.2 The Ballymena boat train (Patrick Davey)
10.2 Around the room and mind the dresser, aka. Around the house and mind the dresser (Charlie Lennon)
10.3 The three sisters (Barry Kerr)
11.1 Farewell to whisky (Traditional) not the Niel Gow tune.

Re: Music in the glen

Just a catch after some listening: none of the tunes in track 7 are jigs.

Re: Music in the glen

I’ve just listened to over 1 min of track #7 on iTunes, [ “The Sister’s Cat” ]. and they most certainly are jigs, the 2nd one linking correctly here to “The Cat In The Corner”. Are you sure you’re listening to the right track, or is there something wrong with the track order on your CD ? Wouldn’t be the first time.

Re: Music in the glen

Track 7.1 called “The Sister” is a version of Old John’s.