A Day a Month

By Mairearad Green and Mike Vass

  1. Ruidhlidh Na Coilich Dhubha
    Ille Bhig
  2. Sgiandudh
    Mrs Grant’s Of Bught
    The Deserts Of Tulloch
  3. Dhomhuil
  4. Buntata
  5. Catch And Kiss The Romp
    Rise Ye Lazy Fellow
  6. Whisky Welcome Back Again
    Cawdor Fair
    Meg Mhor Na Lurachan
  7. Miss Isabella Reid’s
    The Earl Of Seafield’s
    Sheep Shanks
  8. Earl Of Hyndford
    Peggie’s Wedding
  9. Miss Muir MacKenzie
  10. Failte Do’n Mhisg