Elmwood Station

By Sarah Bauhan

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  1. Blake’s
    Ode To Joy
  2. The Beauties Of Autumn
  3. Woodland Dream
  4. Klinga Mina Klockor
  5. Adlington Road
  6. Brafferton Village
  7. The Long Rain
    The Watchmaker
    The Otter’s Holt
    The High
  8. Lament For Henry Chapin
  9. Norland Wind
  10. Galopete
  11. Doc Boyd’s
    Thursday Night In The Caley
    La Maison De Glace
  12. Blessed
  13. The Languor Of Love
    Grant Of Sheuglie’s Contest Betwixt His Violin, Pipe And Harp

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Re: Elmwood Station. - Peterborough NH: Whistler’s Music, 2017.

Some comments about the unlinked tunes:

1.1 Blake’s hornpipe (Traditional - from Vickers mss.)
1.2 Ode to Joy [reel](Fiddlers’ Bid, credited to Stout/Henderson, not Beethoven!)
3 Woodland dream [song](M:Bob McQuillen W:Dick Nevell)
4 Klinga mina klockor [polska](Benny Anderssen)
5 Adlington Road [waltz](Sarah Bauhan)
6.2 A-Z waltz (Bob McQuillen)
7.1 The long rain [reel](Sarah Bauhan)
9 Norland wind [song](M:Jim Reid W:Violet Jacob)
10 Galopete [minuet](David Surette)
12 Blessèd [song](Lui Collins)
12.2 Grant of Sheuglie’s contest betwixt his violin, pipe and harp [march](Traditional, Simon Fraser collection)