Echoes Of Erin 2012

By Various Artists

Added by Kenny .
  1. The Flax In Bloom
    The Chattering Magpie
  2. The Island Of Woods
    The Humours Of Glynn
  3. Eileen O’Brien’s
    Ril Gan Ainm
  4. The Land Of The Gael
  5. The Plane Of The Plank
    Our Last Night Together
  6. The Hunter’s House
    Ormond Sound
  7. Ar Eirinn Ni Neosfainn Ce Hi
  8. The Smell Of The Bog
    The Dance Of The Honeybee
  9. The Gold Ring
  10. The Host Of The Air
  11. Amhran Na Tra Baine
  12. The Crow’s Downfall
    Colonel Fraser
  13. Farewell To Ireland
    The Pride Of Cluinte
    The Flowers Of The Red Mill
  14. An Raibh Tu Ag An GCarraig ?
  15. The Jolly Roving Tar
    The Earl Of Thomond
  16. Quinn Of Armagh
    The Spey In Spate
    The Kilcoon
  17. Rita Danaher’s Jennet
  18. Tim Maloney’s
    The Boys Of Ballysodare
  19. Finbarr Dwyer’s
    Nell Davy’s

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Re: Echoes Of Erin 2012

Comhaltas Tour CD from 2012. Players’ names later.

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