By Leveret

  1. Rain On The Woodpile
  2. Two Nights At Chieveley
    Henry Blogg
  3. Down To The Beach
  4. Grenville Morris
  5. Proud Grove
    Corton Ridge
  6. Ricer II
  7. Byron’s
    Lady Grey
  8. Robber’s Road
  9. Lola Flexen
  10. Sidney Forlong
    Misty Morning

Three comments

Re: Inventions

Another great recording od Andy Cutting, Rob Habron and Sam Sweeney!

Re: Inventions

Great album. Since there are no dots linked to any of the tunes at the time of writing, it’s worth mentioning two things:
1) all tunes on this one are composed by the band so they are unlikely to turn up in other places…at least until people start covering them
2) if you buy a physical CD of the album then the dots are (kindly) printed in the sleeve notes