By Sarah-Jane Summers

  1. On A Day As I Traversed The Mountain
  2. When You’ve Hooked Him Hold Him Fast
    Ciod E Bhiodh Tu ‘g Iarraidh & Number 182
  3. Lament For King George V
  4. The Song Of Death
  5. Are You Always Pleased
    Is Your Graith In Order?
  6. Lament For Alexander Grant
  7. Huldrelatt Fra Vang
  8. Scott Skinner’s Welcome To Inverness
    Donald Maclean
  9. Morning Prayer
  10. A Young Lady’s Panegyrick On Her Lover
    A St Kilda Girl’s Lamentation On The Death Of Her Lover
  11. MacIntosh’s Lament

One comment

Re: Solo

This is a wonderful album of Scottish fiddle music (and one Scandi tune). Entirely solo, just fiddle and a little bit of Hardanger fiddle. Check out track 5, ‘Are you always pleased’, to hear some great rhythmic strathspeys that’ll get your head-nodding, with lots of bird-like note-runs; really beautiful stuff. If I were to make a criticism, it would only be that there’s a few too many slow airs, which skews the balance of the album alittle, even if they’re all very pretty in themselves. Would have liked to have heard a few more tracks like ‘When you’ve hooked him hold him fast’. Still, a very very good album indeed.