One Roof Under

By Andy Cutting & Karen Tweed

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  1. Waking Up In Wonderful Wark
    A Quiet Wedding
  2. Annaliese
    There Are Angels
  3. I Only Want A Snack
  4. Polska (efter Carl-Erik Berndt)
    Plaejnez Mon Sort
  5. Josefins
    When Chloe
    Ville De Quebec
  6. MacLeod’s Farewell
  7. The Woodcock
    The Kerfunten
    April’s Fool
  8. Horseshoe Harbour
    Christy Barry’s
    Heidi Hendi
  9. St. Michael’s Mount
    Les Chicaneux
    The Tinker’s Apron
    Mrs. Foster’s Fudge
  10. Polska Efter Sven Grev