By Rowan Piggott

  1. Old Mountscribe
  2. Queen & Country
  3. When All The World Was Young
  4. A Maid Went To Comber
    Till Viola
  5. The Roslea Farewell
    The Whistler Of Roslea
  6. Fahey’s
    No Matter The Wreckage
  7. The Cuckoo
    Sparven Lilla
  8. Robin & The Banker
  9. The Wounded Hussar
    Lament For Lugh Darcy
  10. A Royal Game
  11. Fahey’s
    Coen’s Memories
  12. Emigrantvisa
    The Beauties Of Autumn

One comment

Re: Mountscribe

‘Mountscribe’ is a lovely and thoughtful mix of traditions across Irish and Swedish cultures. I have enjoyed the luxury in Brighton sessions of being hypnotised by his wonderful playing and singing, with roots in the Sean-nós style and a tradition passed down from Frances Marriott and Charlie Piggott (De Danaan) that connects to a depth within my soul. In addition, his research and description of individual tracks on his facebook page demonstrates his literary prowess and sincerity. Recommended.