ONE: iii

By Old New England

  1. Black Cat Quadrille
    Prince Imperial Galop
    George Cheroux
  2. Sheila’s
    David Millstone’s
    Mary Lou & Charlie
  3. The Bowmaker
    Mood Swing
  4. Sally’s
    Allen McBride
  5. One
    Macky Quacky
  6. Brigid Of Knock
    The Gypsy Girl
  7. Caroline’s
    Uncle George’s
    Reel De Ste Louise
  8. Martha’s
    L & M
    April Flowers
  9. Mrs Frasers
    Party In The Catskills
  10. Star Island
    Bob’s Fancy
    Edith And David’s
  11. Da Slockit Light

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2005 recording by this American band.

Line-up : Deanna Stiles (flute), Bob McQuillen (piano), Jane Orzechowski (fiddle). Much original material but final track is the celebrated waltz by Shetland’s Tom Anderson which is played very well. Titles shld end often with "Jig", "Reel" "Hornpipe" etc. but dance names seem to get erased?

Lovely dance music here. Sadly Bob McQuillen died not long ago. The flute is a lively addition.

Re: ONE: iii

I have 2 left feet but ONE:iii got me hopping around - like that fairytale where the characters’enchanted slippers force them to dance. Among my very favourite trad cds.

Re: ONE: iii

I understand that this is contra music, so I give some info which I found on the website for :-
Celtic Chords Music Shop
8 Barclay Street, Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. AB39 2BJ Tel: 01569 763913

"Contra is the special sound of New England in that it remains active social dance music. Contra’s distinctive characteristics are built on a dance rhythm framework found in any New England contra dance from jigs, & reels to waltzes & polkas." Certainly Irish influenced.

They stock a compilation cd of contra music which includes Bob McQuillen and the other members of Old New England.

Re: ONE: iii

Just putting in a word to recommend this recording, it’s really tremendous music to dance to, and a lot of the music is written by members of the group.

Re: ONE: iii

Cd is rare (and costs a lot on Amazon). I foolishly sold it to an NZ/Shetland fiddler and miss it.