Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra

By Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra

  1. Farewell To Whiskey
    Money Musk
  2. The Flight
  3. Petronella
  4. Kolendara Kold
  5. Coleraine
  6. Prince William
  7. Irish-American
  8. Chorus
  9. Huntsmens’ Chorus
  10. Petronella (with Calls)
  11. Aueretti’s Dutch Skipper
  12. Poor Auld Woman
  13. Yarmouth
  14. Maguinnis’ Delight

Three comments

Re: Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra

A huge wealth of some amazing tunes. I was surprised it was missing. I noticed that when I was adding comments and updates regarding Irish American Reel. So I dug out my vinyl copy and made the entries.
The Ghost

Re: Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra

This is one of the first vinyl recordings of country dance music and it was an instant hit. It was recorded in a small wood chapel that had a vacant attic which acted as a sound chamber. 2 years ago Canterbury gathered 15 players who had played and recorded with Dudley Laufman over the years and created another recording, same site, almost same miking, and produced Welcome Here Again. A magical day!
Sylvia Miskoe, Concord NH

Re: Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra

I was wondering about "Welcome Here Again", but it seems this first record was recorded in 1972.

It hasn’t gone unnoticed by myself that two of the tunes have leaked into the Irish tradition; Chorus Jig having been played by Johnny Cronin and Irish American by Andy McGann. Whether they began as Irish tunes or as Yankee tunes is a mystery about which I wonder often.