By David Doocey, Anne Brennan, Stephen Doherty & Shane McGowan

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  1. Fairways
    The Ships Are Sailing
  2. The Call And The Answer
  3. Mussel Inn
  4. Sailor Boy
  5. Night In Nanchang
    Cooks Pond
  6. Unquiet Grave
  7. Tá Mé ‘mo Shuí
  8. Madame Maxwell
    O’Carolan’s Concerto
  9. Still The Only One
  10. Greenway
    The Train To Harlem

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Blás (2015)

Stephen Doherty ~ flutes, whistles, accordion, keys, percussion
David Doocey ~ fiddle, viola, mandolin
Anne Brennan ~ vocals
Shane McGowan ~ guitars
Monica Brennan ~ backing vocals

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