By James Duncan MacKenzie

  1. Sròmos
  2. The Lazy Beds Of Rias
  3. The Garron
    The Plough On The Cross-Beam
  4. The Stornoway
  5. No English My Lady
    Seaforth’s Wall
    The Balallan Raiders
  6. Next Tide
  7. Alick Campbell’s Walk
  8. The Old Woman Of The Moors
    Loch Langavat
  9. Blue Men Of The Minch
    Tribute To Norman
  10. The Golden Road
    Leverhulme’s Dream
  11. John MacRae, The Lochcarron Bard
    Deaf MacKenzie
    Every Little Detail

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Re: Sròmos

All original compositions by James, played on Highland and Borders pipes and flutes.

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