Heart of the Forest (Music from “Secret of Mana”)

By The Travelers VGM

  1. Angel’s Fear
  2. A Phantom And A Rose
  3. Into The Thick Of It
  4. Dancing Animals
  5. Distant Thunder
  6. It Happened On A Moonlit Night
    The Kesh
  7. Mystic Invasion
    Ballydesmond No. 1
    Ballydesmond No. 2
    Ballydesmond No. 3
  8. Secrets Of The Arid Sands
  9. A Wish
  10. Spirit Of The Night
  11. Calm Before The Storm
  12. The Wind Never Ceases
  13. Flammie And I
  14. Dawn Of The Mana Sword
    An Dùn Mìorbhaileach
    PM Donald MacLean Of Lewis
  15. The Fortress Rises
  16. Pure Lands
  17. Peramal Kematian Tiba
  18. D’oscail Mo Shúile
    Dhún Mo Shúile