Da Farder Ben Da Welcomer

By Fiddlers’ Bid

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  1. Yarmin Yowes Return
  2. Uyea Isle
  3. Grethy Cloots
    Da Waters O’ Da Gut
    Zander The Sander
  4. Leaving Lerwick Harbour
  5. Da Shaalds
    Da Full Rigged Ship
  6. Du’s Bun Lang Awa An A’m Tocht Lang Ta See Dee
    Come Again You’re Welcome
    Oot Be East Da Vong
  7. On The Wings Of A Skorie
    Milligarth Madness
    A Tune For A Lost Harmonica
  8. Christine
  9. The Sneug Water
  10. Da Farder Ben Da Welcomer
    Da Rusty Tushkar
  11. Unknown
    Fr Bob Doyle’s
    The Laughing Cavalier
  12. The Swan

Four comments

Da Farder Ben Da Welcomer

The Band’s 3rd Album. Some great tunes - listening to it now - how about ‘On the Wings of a Skorie’. Michael Ferrie’s untimely death at such a young age was the loss of a great talent.

Da Farder etc

Believe you’re a fan Slainte - you’d like this one. Any Harp/Clarsach players out there. I’d be interested in your opinion of Catriona’s playing particularly on ‘Christine’.

Yep. I got this album around a year ago while I was studying in Edinburgh. It’s a pity I missed their gig. ‘On the Wings of a Skorie’ is a great tune, which I always fail to learn.