Symbiosis II

By Ross Ainslie & Ali Hutton

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  1. Dine Like Kings
    King Of The Mountain
  2. The Freedom Of Birds
  3. Dr Merryweather’s
    Mintil Murray
  4. Beautiful Gortree
  5. Action Junkie Extraordinaire
    Take Control
  6. Meerkat Love
  7. The Robertson Lasses
    Mad Mick’s
  8. Clan Wallace
    Sophie The Mink
    Gibbo’s Guffaw
  9. Mr Alistair Kennedy Of St Anne’s, Methven
    The Trust

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Re: Symbiosis II

released April 20, 2018

Ross Ainslie - Highland Pipes, Whistles, Cittern and Banjo
Ali Hutton - Highland Pipes, Whistles, Acoustic, Electric and Tenor Guitar
Duncan Lyall - Moog and Synth
Martin O’Neill - Bodhran and Drums
Steven Byrnes - Drums
Patsy Reid - All Strings
Gus Sicard - Pipe Band Snare Drum

Produced by Andrea Gobbi, Ali Hutton and Ross Ainslie
Engineered by Andrea Gobbi at GloWorm Recordings and Carrier Waves
Mixed by Andrea Gobbi at GloWorm Recordings and Carrier Waves
Additional Engineering by Barry Reid and Keir Long
String Arrangements by Patsy Reid
String Recordings by Jamie Pryke
Mastered by Stuart Hamilton at Castlesound Studios
Design and Thunder by Somhairle Macdonald

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