The Second Story

By Katie Grennan

  1. Mike’s Per Diem
    The Second Story
    Morning Crows Of Sendai
  2. The Cordal
    The Rolling Wave
  3. Fort Dunree
  4. For The Love Of Music
    Flying To The Fleadh
  5. The Coolin
  6. Carolan’s Welcome
    Man Of The House
  7. The Station Master’s
  8. Golden Where You Are
  9. Farewell To Chicago
  10. Francie’s Travels
    Tara’s Upward Romp
    The Comrade’s Oboe
  11. Reels
  12. Don’t Stick To The Floor
    Knock On The Door
    Ellen’s Dance
  13. Calliope House
    The Blarney Pilgrim
    The Dawn
    Malin Head
    Kiera’s Grace
  14. Gan Ainm
    Somewhere Over The Rainbow
    The Beetles In The Leaves
    The Leverette