By Theresa O’Grady

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Re: BANJO’ista

Theresa O’Grady has a distinctive style of playing and is considered one of the finest banjo players in the country. Originally from Luton, England, she now lives in Aclare, Co Sligo. and is a very popular teacher at Workshops all over Ireland, Europe and more recently Australia. Her debut solo album, BANJO’ista, has been greatly anticipated and is already receiving rave reviews.

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Re: BANJO’ista

Just got a copy of this, there’s not a weak track on the whole recording. It’s very hard to pick a favourite track but she’s got a majestic version of "Master’s Return". Outstanding playing………….

Re: BANJO’ista

I’ll second Tony’s comment from two years ago — every track herein is top-class. I felt a little guilty for not picking it up for quite some time, but I happily was able to get it on a 0-fees Friday early this year. No guilt if my delay actually put more money in Theresa’s pocket! ;)