St. Roch’s Ceili Band

By St. Roch’s Céilí Band

Added by Kenny .

  1. The Copperplate
    John Stenson’s
    The Humours Of Tulla
  2. The Rambling Pitchfork
    Willie Coleman’s
    The Knights Of St. Patrick
  3. The Boys Of The Lough
    George White’s Fancy
  4. The Contradiction
    Pat The Budgie
    The Red Crow
  5. Captain Byng
    Bill Sullivan’s
    The Grand Old Dame
  6. St. Anne’s
    Father Kelly’s
    The Morning Dew
  7. The Carraroe
    The Legacy
    The Mug Of Brown Ale
  8. The Traveller
    Hand Me Down The Tackle
    The Congress
  9. The Stack Of Wheat
    The Derry
  10. An Eirinn Ni ’Neosfainn Ce H-I
    The Coalminers
    Ciaran O’Raghallaigh’s
  11. Bill Harte’s
    Jackson’s Bottle Of Brandy
    A Health To The Ladies
  12. The Gravel Walk
    The Foxhunter’s
    The Wise Maid

Two comments

Re: St. Roch’s Ceili Band

Only released as a cassette tape, as far as I know. More later.

Re: St. Roch’s Ceili Band

There is no indication of when this was released, but it was in the era of cassette tapes.
I’m happy to report that several of the players on this recording are still playing in and around the Glasgow session scene.
Band members at that time were :
Mark Maguire [ drums ]
Gerry Conlon [ piano ]
Frank McArdle, Martin Daly, Eleanor Coll [ piano-accordions ]
Gavin Pennycook, Patricia Fitzpatrick, Clare McLaughlin, Lorraine Brady, Jacqueline Brady, Julie Morton [ fiddles ]
Eddie Friel, Sean McGinley [ flutes ]
David Marks, Ann Marie Gorman, Geraldine Brady [ whistles ]
Donna Diamond [ banjo ]