The Pipe Slang

By Jamie MacDonald and Christian Gamauf

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  1. The Old Woman’s Dance
    The Fuddler
    Compliments To The Boys Of The Lough
  2. Salton De La Grands
    Last Night In Roddens
    Cariu Llaniscu
  3. Tears
  4. Mo Nighean Donn A Cornaig
  5. Tha Fionnlagh Ag Innearadh
    Duncan Johnstone
    Highland Man Kissed His Mother
    Ciaran Tourish
  6. Dunskeller
    Stranded In Sollas
    Jimmy O’Hara’s
  7. The Way To Judique
    Miss Shelly Campbell Of West Bay Road
    So I’m Off With The Good St Nicholas Boat
  8. Manitoba
    Tir A’ Mhurain
    Air Madainn Diardaoin
  9. The Boys Lament For His Dragon
    The Pipe Slang
    The MaSim
    Scars And Tattoos
  10. Iorram Nan Itheach
  11. Ronald Kennedy’s
    Dougie MacPhee’s
    Culder’s Rant
    Creignish Hills
    The Ruaig Road End