The Three Piece Flute

By Desi Wilkinson

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Tunes on "Three Piece Flute"

Although it’s not highlighted as being in the tune database, I posted "Paddy Mill’s Fancy" earlier this year. "The Old Silver Spear" is, I think, more commonly known as "The New Mown Meadows". "The Castle" reel is in the database under "Mulqueen’s", which is the name I’ve always associated with it.
A fine collection of tunes on this recording, many classic flute tunes - and a great bit of lilting !

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"The Three Piece Flute"

Produced by Desi Wilkinson & Colum Sands
Spring Records, 1987

Desi Wilkinson ~ flutes, whistles, bagpipes, fiddle & vocals
Seamus Quinn ~ piano
Martin O’Connor ~ Accordions
Brendan Hearty ~ guitar, mandolin
Aidan Prunty ~ drums

This is a great recording, however, for some reason my copy of is in a different order than that given here. If anyone faces that confusion here is that order, the tracks as I have them first followed by their equivalent ( = ) as given here…

- 1 = 8
- 2 = 9
- 3 = 4
- 4 = 10
- 5 = 11
- 6 = 12
- 7 = 13
- 8 = 1
- 9 = 7
10 = 8
11 = 2
12 = 5
13 = 6
14 = 14
15 = 15

Is anyone aware of a transcription of the Corsican waltz on this album?

Transcription of Corsican Waltz

See this thread on Facebook: Staff notation of the melody from the other rendition Desi recorded (better arrangement, I think) on the Cran album The Crooked Stair - basically the same as the Three Piece Flute setting in terms of the structure of the tune, though.

I’ve never set about ABC transcribing it….. One or two details in the dots may differ slightly from Desi’s playing - I did the transcription from the Cran recording yonks ago with no slow-down facilities.

There’s also a video clip of me trying to play it:!/video/video.php?v=419828234270 ,or on my YouTube channel:

Hi Jem….

Remember you playing the "Corsican" in Ballyvourney 4 years ago. Hope all is well with you.
It’s worth pointing out that this recording is now available on CD - and it still sounds as good as it did in 1987.

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Old French

The page linked incorrectly to the Old French Waltz but this track really contains the Old French Reel. The track is probably played on a small flute since it’s in F# major instead of D.