Blue Skies Above

By Matt And Shannon Heaton

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  1. Thady Casey’s
    The Reel Of Rio
  2. The Blackbird
  3. Giant Of The Road
  4. The Shady Spot
  5. Harvest Time
  6. Belle Of The South Shore
    Jennifer And Don’s
  7. Redwoods In Winter
    The Small Girl
  8. Death And The Lady
  9. O’Connor Donn’s
    The Morning Thrush
  10. The Monument
  11. Gan Ainm
    Sailing Down Fulton Street
  12. The Lucky Dozen
    The Skylark

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Re: Blue Skies Above

From 2006, lovely trad tunes on flute and whistle, plus some originals and songs. The song "Giant of the Road" will charm those who love bicycling.