Up She Flew

By Steph Geremia

  1. Come Up To The Room
    Ebb Tide
    Benbulben’s Shadow
  2. Trip To Ireland
    John Joe Gardiner’s
  3. The Blackbird
    Merry Days Of Easter
  4. Moon Man
    The Old Grey Gander
    Lucky In Love
  5. The Victory
    Swallow’s Tail
    The ‘Sligo’ Ivy Leaf
  6. Martin Wynne’s #3
    Martin Wynne’s #4
    Bring Her To The Shelter
  7. Path Across The Ocean
  8. Island Polka 3
    I’ll Buy Boots For Maggie
  9. Rossriver
    Vals E Anon Egeland
  10. The Spider’s Web
    The Housemaid
    Dominic’s Farewell To Cashel
  11. James Murray’s #2
    Kevin Henry’s
    Hughie Travers’
  12. Christmas In Spiddal
  13. Eddie Maloney’s
    The Templehouse
    Joe O’Dowd’s

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Re: Up She Flew

The musicians are:
Steph Geremia - flute, vocal, soprano sax
Aaron Jones - bouzouki
Jim Murray - guitar
Alan Kelly - piano accordion
Seamie O’Dowd - guitar, bouzouki
Donal O’Connor - keyboard
Jim Higgins - bodhran, percussion
Martin Brunsden - double bass
Michael Rooney - harp
Ben Gunnery - fiddle

Re: Up She Flew

Really great music!

Re: Up She Flew

Beautiful album. Eagerly awaited. Great flute-playing and singing. Listen to 07 - Path Across The Ocean.

Track 1 tune 1

Prob better known as The Ballina Lasses, now linked to that.

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