The Last Days Off Fall

By Sylvain Barou and Ronan Pellen

  1. Kitty Come Down To Limerick
    The Kid On The Mountain
  2. The Rainy Day
    Sweeney’s Wheel
  3. Humours Of Clonmult
    Across The Road
    The Last Days Of Fall
  4. Tredudon
    The Nine Points Of Roguery
  5. Tomgraney Castle
    Séan Ó Duibhir An Ghleana
  6. The Wounded Hussar
  7. Don’t Touch That Green Linnet
    Jim McBride’s
  8. The Lone Bush
    Terry Crehan’s
    The Old Pensioner
  9. Dark Lochnagar
  10. The Cat That Ate The Candle
    The First Month Of Spring
  11. Men An Arz
    Korf Ar Maout
    Orgies Nocturnes
    Job Fulup’s
  12. Apanhei-te Cavaquinho

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Re: The Last Days Off Fall

Sylvain Barou - flute, uilleann pipes, whistle
Ronan Pellen - cittern