Ireland West Guitar

By Frankie Simon

  1. The Head On The Nail
    Galley Head
  2. The Moving Cloud
    The Silver Lining
  3. Times Of Joy
    The Tonic
  4. Dinky Doran’s
    The Aul’ Fiddler
  5. Easter Snow
  6. Begg’s Pipes
    The Fine Irishwoman
    The Nippy Sweety
  7. The Horse Trot
    The Red Rosette
  8. Light On The Feet
  9. The Tempest
    The Cherokee
  10. An Chuilfhionn
    My Lagan Love
  11. Stormy Beer
    The Ploughman’s Lunch
  12. The Blue Grasshopper
  13. The Hot Anvil
    The Ringfort
  14. The Coalface
    Shades Of Light
  15. Bonnie Kate
    Jenny’s Chickens
  16. The Three Legged Polkas