By Anders Trabjerg

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  1. The Eel In The Sink
    Imelda Roland’s
    Sporting Nell
  2. Larry The Beerdrinker
    The Banks Of Lough Gowna
    Gan Ainm
  3. The College Groves
    The Old Torn Petticoat
  4. Murphy’s
    Galway Bay
  5. Master Crowley’s
    The Glens Of Aherlow
    Jenny Picking Cockles
  6. Waltz After Thorvald Tronsgaard
  7. A Fig For A Kiss
    The Exile
  8. Sean Ryan’s
    Eddie Kelly’s
  9. Red Tom Of The Hills
    In Memory Of Michael Coleman
    The Ewe
  10. Rapp Polska
  11. The Stone On The Field
    Richard Dwyer’s
  12. From Galway To Dublin
    The Blackbird
  13. Kitty Come Down To Limerick
    An Phis Fhliuch
  14. Niels Mortensen’s Sekstur
  15. The Morning Dew
    The Blackthorn
    The New Custom House
  16. Up Sligo
    Connie The Soldier
    Jackie Small’s
  17. Paa Husjagt
    The Ivy Leaf

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The Artists

Anders Trabjerg is accompanied by Niall McQuaid on the bodhr

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Unfortunately I am not equipped to listen to sound files. However, I heard Anders Trabjerg in a session in Milltown Malbay this year. Close your eyes and he could be a true Galwayman - but his face couldn’t be anything but Danish.

Hello Aaaaaanders I hope you get this message!!!

Anders, I hope you get this message!! Hey there AAAAnders, this is from your favourite American fiddle player girl, now currently residing in Boston. I am sure you remember me, I am the one who originated the lovely pronounciation of your name. I am glad to see you have an album out - it sounds awesome. Hope you are well. Please keep in touch -

Hans J

Hej Anders, jeg gl

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A grand one

I sort of know the man myself.
I must say that this is one of the best accordeon cd I’ve ever heard.
Bye by Davide

Mp3 samples?