The Banks of the Abha Bhán

By Donie Nolan

  1. Colm Danaher’s
    Terry ‘Cuz’ Teehan’s
  2. Paddy Taylor’s
    Fasten The Leg On Her
  3. The Green Field Of Rossbeigh
    The New Policeman
  4. Joe Mangan’s Favourite
    The Glenville
  5. The Boys Of Barr Na Sraide
  6. The Kilfenora
    The Kilfenora
    The Kilfenora
  7. Patneen’s
    The Meenoline
  8. The Pride Of Rockchapel
    The Dawn
  9. The Land Of The Gael
  10. Brigid McRory
    The Tenpenny Bit
  11. Dan O’Connell’s Favourite
    Monvara Bridge
  12. Jenny Picking Cockles
    Sporting Nell
  13. The Cill Na Martra Exile
  14. Johnjo Hartnett’s
    Moss Murphy
    The Cnoc Na Triopaille
  15. Farewell To Ireland
    The Edenderry
  16. Miko’s
    Denis Murphy’s

One comment

Re: The Banks of the Abha Bhán

This is a lovely album by West Limerick boxplayer and singer, Donie Nolan. Donie has a lovely individual style that is strongly associated with his native West Limerick (on the banks of the White River), and his ability to lightly swing polkas and slides is reminiscent of such greats as Martin Mulvihill and Donal de Barra. The album is further propelled by Nolan’s singing of The Boys Of Barr Na Sraide, which is nothing short of stellar. This work is not a precious, highly processed album but rather an authentic look at an extremely talented player, as evinced by Nolan’s playing live for a set in the last few tracks. You can find some clips of Donie playing below.