"Gort Tape" CD 1 of 2

By Various Artists

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  1. Gerry Commane’s
    Gooseberry Bush
  2. Aggie Whyte’s
  3. Red Tom Of The Hills
  4. Captain Kelly
    Paddy Kelly’s
  5. Red-Haired Lass
    London Lasses
  6. Taylor Bar, 4am
    Ceol Na Mara
  7. Ceol Na Mara
  8. Almost
  9. Goodbye Miss Goodavich
  10. Rolling Wave
  11. Almost
  12. The Green Fields Of Rossbeigh
    Black Pat’s
  13. Lord Mayo
  14. Maid Of Mount Kisco

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Re: "Gort Tape" CD 1 of 2

Who are the artists on these tapes/CDs? Are they personal mixtapes, or how were they released?