Farewell And Remember Me

By Boys Of The Lough

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One of the Boys’ finest!

The Stronsay Waltz imediately established itself as one of my favourite tunes.

What a band they were and are!


Surely not this Tommy People’s?

Track order / Players

Don’t know where the OP got his track order from, but it’s different from that on my cassette tape. Anyway, I’ve left it is posted.
I disagree slightly with Aidan’s assessment - I think they’ve done quite a few better recordings than this.
Line-up was :

Aly Bain - fiddle
Cathal McConnell - flute, whistles, vocal
Christy Leary - uilleann pipes, whistles, vocal
John Coakley - guitar, piano
Dave Richardson - mandolin, concertina

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