Live at the West London Folk Club

By Brendan McGlinchey

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Re: Live at the West London Folk Club

Gosh, this is a surprise I do believe that I was ‘compering’ the Club that night, though my dulcet tones have edited out! I was one of the organisers and usually compered evenings of Irish music (e.g. Seamus Ennis, etc.). Brendan is one of the greats.


Re: Live at the West London Folk Club

This is from the BBC Archives site, I forget what they call it, Terry Yarnell was one of the contributors and made this tape, which you can download in the UK but only listen to elsewhere; I made MP3s of the streaming audio, which is what you have here. FYI. Those files are still up far as I know, lots of great music. A box player at a session was raving about how great this tape was, I did the "ahem" thing and explained its provenance.

Why hasn’t Breandan been back in a studio? He’s my favorite of his generation, yes, fond as I am of any Glackin/Peoples/Burke/etc. This guy’s on fire!