High Level

By Paddy Ryan

  1. Andy McGann’s
    Humours Of Scariff
  2. Paddy Murphy’s Wife
    Spike Island Lassies
  3. Miss Monaghan
    Magpie’s Nest
  4. The Widow Brady
    Maid At The Spinning Wheel
  5. Over The Bog Road
    Green Fields Of America
  6. Frieze Breeches
    Gallopin O’Hogan
  7. Black Eagle
    Fiddler’s Contest
  8. Lannigan’s Ball
  9. Merry Blacksmith
    Pigeon On The Gate
  10. Fisherman’s Island
    College Groves
  11. Jackson’s
    Dancing Eyes
  12. Cronin’s
  13. Paddy Kelly’s
    Music In The Glen
  14. Follow Me Down To Carlow
    Johnny Cronin’s Fancy
  15. Humours Of Lisheen
    Haunted House
  16. Bunker Hill
    Rakish Paddy
  17. Golden Eagle
    Taylor’s Twist
  18. Pigeon On The Gate
    Paddy Fahey’s
  19. Kiss Me Kate
    Green Groves Of Erin
  20. Twins
  21. Sacko’s (Tripping Up The Stairs)
  22. Cronin’s
    High Level

One comment

Re: High Level

A lovely recording from Paddy Ryan, accordionist from Nenagh, with piano accompaniment from Deidre McSherry, who also provides 2 tracks of flute that only enhance the sound of this recording. David Spain is listed on the sleeve notes and it’s not clear but I’m guessing he is playing piano on the two tracks Deidre plays on flute. I’ve taken the liberty when listing the tracks to "update" some of the titles to their more common names, about 9 changes in total. Wonderful music all round.