By Alchymeia

  1. Epitaph Of Seikilos
  2. Drinking Songs
  3. Itzikel
  4. Ma Belle Evangeline
    The Kerfunken
    Angeline The Baker
  5. Sweet Is The Melody
    The Heights Of Dargai
  6. The Adventures Of Isabel
    Le Reel Du Pendu
  7. Two Sisters
    Wind And Rain
  8. Dy Lule Mas Malit
    J’ai Vu Le Loup
    Oh, Mother Of Mine
  9. Beyond The Mountain
  10. Grey Geese
    Gaelic Melody
  11. Ivan
  12. The Draft Notice
  13. Rant Of The Beast
    Farewell To Chernobyl
  14. Stirlingshire Militia
    Cutting Bracken
    Peter Man
  15. Puirt A Beul
    The King’s

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Re: Alchymeia

The practitioners of the ancient art of alchemy often sought to transform or combine a variety of elements. In a similar manner, the members of the ensemble Alchymeia gather folk song ingredients from various cultures and arrange them in new and fascinating ways. The repertoire reflects the varying backgrounds of the ensemble’s founding musicians.
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