Ceol na gCarad

By Adam Agee & Jon Sousa

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Re: Ceol na gCarad

Adam Agee (fiddle); Jon Sousa (guitar, banjo).
Produced by Jonathan Skinas. Engineered by Jonathan Skinas.
DSD Sonoma Mix and Mastering by Jonathan Skinas. PCM Mastering by Jon Sousa.
Tracks 1,6,7,8,9, & 11 Recorded at Immersive Studios, Boulder CO
Tracks 2,3,4,5, & 10 Recorded at The Salina Schoolhouse, Salina CO.
Graphic design by Adam Agee ( Photography by Jon Sousa.
Track 2 Farewell To Belfast (by Jon Sousa)
Track 11 Heather Island (by Adam Agee) [not the same as on Rodney Miller & Randy Miller. New England chestnuts: contra music classics (disc 2). - Westmoreland, NH: Great Meadow, 2003.]

Re: Ceol na gCarad

Very nice recording.
Particularly like the Lad O ‘Beirnes track.
Nice pace and backing.

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