Dog in the Fog

By Mike McGoldrick & Dezi Donnelly

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Re: Dog in the Fog

I saw the boys playing this weekend in Hammersmith Irish Centre. There was pure magic in the way they combined; clearly borne from decades of years playing together. It was reminiscent of how siblings play; almost perfect unison but with flights of fancy and improvisations that melded perfectly. A great joy to see such superb musicians interpret the tradition. The CD reflects this, and I would advise anyone with a soul to acquire it.

It is also worth noting that the track list above is as it appears on the CD notes, but tracks 5 and 10 are actually swapped round on the disc itself.

Re: Dog in the Fog

Agree 100% with Niall. Great music on this recording - 2 musicians in total musical sympathy with one another, a true “duet” album with no un-necessary “guests” or even accompanists.
Excellent selection of tunes too, as good an Irish “flute and fiddle” album as I’ve ever heard.
Our “Album of The Month” for October, no contest. I’ll post the link here once we start playing tracks.

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