Now She’s Purring

By Billy Clifford and Gerry Harrington

  1. The Flower Of The Flock
    Hickey’s 1
    Hickey’s 2
  2. Johnny Spillane’s
    Darby’s Cross
  3. Paudeen O’Rafferty’s
    Trip To The Quarry
  4. Art O’Keefe’s
  5. Denis Murphy’s
    Gypsy Princess
  6. The Blackbird
  7. Donal O’Pumpa
  8. The Dusty Miller
    Julia Clifford’s
  9. Thadelo’s
    The Green Cottage
  10. Johnny Cope
  11. Now She’s Purring
    Green Garters
  12. The Knocknagree
    The Kiskeam
  13. Shanahan’s
    The Frisco
  14. Knocknagree Fair
    Woman Of The Big House
    Pride Of Rockchapel
  15. Pigeon On The Gate
    Granpa Tommy’s Ceili Band

Three comments

Re: Now She’s Purring

Two virtuosos of Sliabh Luachra music join together on flute and fiddle in this excellent and worthy addition to the recordings of Sliabh Luachra music

Re: Now She’s Purring

Very excited to hear about this. What label is it on?