Butter Scotch Syrup

By Roads To Home

  1. Waltz Of The Magpies
  2. Queen Mary’s Escape From Lochleven Castle
  3. Farewell To Whisky
    Detroit Schottische
  4. Bluebells Of Scotland
  5. MacPherson’s Rant
  6. Skye Boat Song
  7. Huntington Castle
  8. Bonny Moorhen
  9. Farewell To Tarwathie
  10. Arran Boat Song
  11. Heather Down the Moor
  12. Tae The Weaver’s Gin Ye Gan
  13. On Skeoch Hill
    Fox And The Hare
  14. Highland Lassie
  15. Wyoming Wind

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Re: Butter Scotch Syrup

From the album description:
"From the Scottish highlands to the high plains of Wyoming, the winds have scattered Scots ‘round the world. For those who remained, for those who strayed but feel connected to an ancient past, for Scots, something old, something new."