Castor Bay

By Barry Kerr & Laura Kerr

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Castor Bay (2018)

Barry Kerr ~ flute, uilleann pipes, guitar, bouzouki, vocals
Laura Kerr ~ fiddle
Donogh Hennessy ~ guitar
Ryan O’Donnell ~ bouzouki
Trevor Hutchinson ~ double bass

Siblings Laura and Barry Kerr were brought up on the southern shore of Lough Neagh in Co Armagh. Having played music together all their lives, this album captures their close musical relationship. Laura is a fiddle player and Barry is a multi-instrumentalist who plays flute, uilleann pipes, guitar, bouzouki and sings. Laura is currently based in Dingle Co Kerr and Barry is living in Dublin.

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Re: Castor Bay

Just a note to say the tune marked as Tom McElvogue’s sadly isn’t one of my compositions (track 2). Lovely tune though and lovely album!

Re: Castor Bay

Thanks to Karen Tweed for helping resolve the real composer of the tune “Tom McElvogue’s” listed on the album. It is Patrick Ourceau’s composition “The Station House” or as it is listed here on the session “The Old Station House” ( It was recorded previously by Karen Tweed and Ian Carr on their duet album Fyace (

Re: Castor Bay

Just to say that the Paddy Fahey’s link is wrong, it is not a jig but Paddy Fahey’s reel n°31 !