Rip the Bellows

By Seagda Coyle

  1. Master Crowley’s
    Devanney’s Goat
    The Windy Night
  2. The Clare Shout
    The Keys To The Convent
  3. Minnie Foster’s
    Spiders In The Bathtub
  4. The Crippled Musician
  5. The Roscommon
    The Galway Rambler
    Donegal Traveler
  6. Joe Liddy’s
    Maid On The Green
    Dingle David
  7. The Butterfly
    Top Her Off
  8. Gan Ainm
    Cuz Teehan’s
    Johnny O’Leary’s
  9. Pigeon On The Gate
    The Caucus In Secaucus
    The Ivy Leaf
  10. Drops Of Spring Water
    Na Ceannabhain Bhana
  11. Condon’s Roses
  12. Kerry Mills
    Flanagan Meets O’Hanlon
  13. Paideen O’Rafferty’s
  14. Boys Of Ballisodare
    Donegal Tinker
    Fair Haired Tinkers

Three comments

Re: Rip the Bellows

Fantastic young button accordion player from New York, accompanied on this debut solo CD by Kathleen Boyle, John Walsh, and Steve Wickham. The Windy Night, Condon’s Roses, The Crippled Musician, and Fair Haired Tinkers are Shay’s compositions. He plays a Boxeen B/C for most of the tracks, and a C#/D Paolo on tracks 8, 10, and 13.

Re: Rip the Bellows

Where can it be bought?

Re: Rip the Bellows

I got it at Catskills Irish Arts Week. It looks like the link to order it via Ossian is dead — I shot a message to Seagda.