Blyde Lasses

By Frances Wilkins and Claire White

  1. Unnamed
    Ahint Da Daeks O Voe
    Hadd Dee Tongue Boannie Lass
  2. Eagle Bairn
  3. Fraser And Aileen’s Wedding
    NooMan I Laeve My Faither An Mither
  4. Maas
  5. Rough Diamond
  6. Da Hömin
  7. Sigurd O’ Gord
    Jig For Frances
    Miss Claire White
  8. Draem Flooers
  9. Box Special
  10. Calum’s
    Gibby Gray
  11. Shingly Beach
  12. Da Fashion O’ Da Delting Lasses
    Da Lerwick Lasses
    Da Scallowa Lasses
  13. Fit For A Queen
  14. Antarctic Life