Two Champions

By Sean McGuire And Joe Burke

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  1. Farl O’Gara
    Trim The Velvet
  2. The Copperplate No. 1
    The Copperplate No. 2
  3. The Old Grey Goose
  4. The Crooked Road To Dublin
    The Concert
  5. Lad O’Beirne
    The Galway
  6. Dr. Gilbert
    The Queen Of May
  7. The Old Blackthorn
    The Green Groves
  8. Paddy Ryan’s Dream
    The Ballinasloe Fair
  9. Martin Wynne’s #1
    The Cup Of Tea
  10. The Kesh
  11. Speed The Plough
    George White’s Favorite
  12. Tomorrow Morning
    The Friendly Visit
  13. The Green Fields Of Rossbeigh
    The Longford Collector
  14. The Ships Are Sailing
    The Bird In The Bush

Six comments

The more I play it, the more I respect these two master musicians.

Is this track listing from the LP, or a CD reissue? The tracks on my copy of the LP are in a different order from these, there’s also a medley of reels and a set of hornpipes that aren’t here. Also tracks 6/7 and 8/9 are medleys, not seperate tracks.

Tune Names

Track 4: There is second reel (not listed) called the Concert Reel.
Track 5: the first Hornpipe is a composition of Ed Reavy called Lad O’Beirne- not the Flowing Tide
Great recording, this from the two masters.
C Sharp

Whole Thing on YouTube

I’m not such a fan of Sean’s solo stuff (a bit too flashy for my taste), but I can’t get enough of this. Very tight playing from box and fiddle, my favourite combination, with a master accompanist. It just does not get any better.