The Railway

By Hamish Napier

  1. The Speyside Line
  2. The Hiker
    The Sojer
  3. Jocky The Mole
  4. Little & Often
  5. Lament For The Old Ways
  6. The Balmenach
    O’er Drumochter
  7. Helen’s Song
  8. Aye Busy!
  9. Dr. McGugan’s Favourite
  10. The World Came In By Rail
  11. Cheery Groove
  12. 1000 Horsepower
  13. The Railwayman Air
  14. March Of The Bairns
  15. The Fireman
    The Driver
    The Railwayman March

One comment

Re: The Railway

Hamish’s followup to his 2016 The River. Again all original compositions, but a few catchy numbers in there. Includes a few guest stars, most notably "Jimmy’s fireplace - as itself (track 7)".