Ireland’s Finest Music, featuring Riverdance

By Various Artists

Added by Kenny .
  1. Riverdance
  2. A Woman’s Heart
  3. The Mountain Road
    The Ashplant
    Josie McDermott’s
  4. Dawning Of The Day
    Raglan Road
  5. Give Us A Drink Of Water
    The Humours Of Derrycrossane
  6. The Galway
    The Flowers Of Antrim
    The Last Of The Twins
    The Showman’s Fancy
  7. The Water Is Wide
  8. Fred Finn’s
    Ormond Sound
    Hill 16
  9. Irish Ways And Irish Laws
  10. Lord Of The Dance
  11. The Galway Races
  12. The Doon
    The Congress
    The Reconciliation
  13. O’Sullivan’s
    The Battering Ram
  14. The King Of The Fairies
  15. The Foggy Dew
  16. The Girl That Broke My Heart
    The Lady On The Island
    Music In The Glen
  17. The Torn Jacket
    Kiss The Maid Behind The Barrel
  18. The Sweets Of May