Two Champions

By Sean McGuire And Joe Burke

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Five comments

Excellent recording featuring the pairing of two veterans in the ITM scene. Worth a listen


The more I play it, the more I respect these two master musicians.

Is this track listing from the LP, or a CD reissue? The tracks on my copy of the LP are in a different order from these, there’s also a medley of reels and a set of hornpipes that aren’t here. Also tracks 6/7 and 8/9 are medleys, not seperate tracks.

Tune Names

Track 4: There is second reel (not listed) called the Concert Reel.
Track 5: the first Hornpipe is a composition of Ed Reavy called Lad O’Beirne- not the Flowing Tide
Great recording, this from the two masters.
C Sharp