The Iron Man

By Tommy Peoples with Daithi Sproule

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  1. Reavy’s
    The Merry Sisters
  2. Tom Billy’s
    Out On The Ocean
  3. Sunny Brogan’s Favourite
    The Drunken Landlady
  4. Kit O’Connor’s
  5. The Iron Man
    William Marshall’s
  6. The Carrigaline
    The Belles Of St. Louis
  7. Crowley’s
    Sweeney’s Dream
  8. John Doherty’s Fancy
    Brogan’s Ferry
  9. Tell Her I Am
    The Chorus
  10. O’Dowd’s
    The Chicago
  11. The Woman Of The House
    The Morning Star
  12. Kitty O’Shea
  13. O’Callaghan’s
    The Scartaglen

Seven comments

I can’t disagree but…

When I went to put this on my computer, I found that the genre is listed at CDDB as “classical”. Now the record IS a classic, but still….


I was listening to this today and I noticed that several of the tunes are in Bflat or even Eflat. Is he tuned sharp or is he actually playing Over the Ocean in Bflat?


Is the whistle I was comparing with out of tune?

(I meant “Out On The Ocean”.)

The Belles of Saint Louis

The anyone know if this tune is original or just hasn’t been transcribed? I’d like to find other recordings of it.

Changed the link,

First tune, first track, played on flute, but it’s a very rare recording, and was never released on CD. I also have a recording of some accordion player playing it, but you can check the “Recordings” links for “Archie Menzies”.
Seems particularly popular in Cape Breton.

My mistake…

A bit of confusion here with tune titles, not for the first time. The reel Tommy Peoples plays after “Carrigaline” on this recording I would call “The New Policeman”, but it’s also commonly known as “The Belles Of Tipperary”. In this instance, the link does actually go to the tune Peoples plays because someone has posted “The Belles Of St. Louis” as an alternative title to “The Belles Of Tipperary” / “The New Policeman”. Peoples’ version is very much his own interpretation, but I think he got his “Belles”mixed up.
Confused ? Welcome to the wonderful world of Irish tune titles. 🙂