By Vin Garbutt

Added by Conway .

  1. England My England
  2. The Catholic Boy
    Imelda Roland’s
    The Green Gates
  3. Jessie The Flower Of Dunblane
  4. The Humours Of Twizziegill
    Hitler’s Downfall
    The Rambling Pitchfork
  5. Be As Children
  6. The Reluctant Hedgehog
    The Mooncoin
  7. Lough Sheelin Side
  8. Michelle Flynn’s
    The Squeaky Chair
    The Willow Tree
  9. Philippino Maid
  10. The Wilderness Road
  11. The Songbird
  12. The Copperplate
    Ann Bewick’s Pies
    The Virginia
  13. The Rose Of Tralee
  14. The Blackbird
    The Other Fairy
    The Hummersea
  15. The Wilderness Road Song

Two comments

Vin Garbutt - Bandalised

Vin is a singer-songwriter and mean tin whistler from the north east of England who’s been around for a long time now, and still going strong. Most of his albums contain hard hitting songs with the odd whistle tune thrown in, but Bandalised is a balance of songs and tunes played with a band, hence the title.

Some great session tunes here, a number written by Vin. Fun to play along with, you could almost be there!

Vin Garbutt was one of the major talents that kept the English folk club scene going through the ’70’s and presumably after, is a great singer and singer/songwriter and a really good whistle-player with it. I haven’t heard this album but simply assume it would be good. He’s made several, though I don’t know if they’re all still available.